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Commercial Orders ARE BEING ACCEPTED!

Thank You every one! 2018 is now our Record Sales Year out of the last 19 years we have been online! 2019 I am quite sure will beat 2018. 

NOTICE:  The Southern Division is now in operation! Managed by Terri Bullard Mendivil. It has been for several years now!

Terri, my daughter, has been building traps and trapping with me since 1981. I think she might be a little better then me but I'll never admit that, grin!

No way could I ever build traps on my knees and I bet her crew doesn't either! But, she is the only women there and she does build traps faster then I do. I started building traps 45 years ago so maybe that has something to do with it.....

Preppers: Do you have your crawfish traps yet for your renewable resource? Recommended 1 per person. A must have! 

Current build is for Plus, Pro Traps with bait boxes and the large Commercial Trap. Plus Traps and Pro Traps have been selling 4 to 1 over the other styles of traps and they are a excellent choice. Live Bins are available now!.

I'm sorry about the Shopping Cart being up and down so much this year. Three hours is all the time the Cart was active the last time it was up and I'm flattered that so many people like my traps! More info Here.

For right now I will be doing Quote Requests Only. It may be several months before I put the shopping cart back up. I may put up a partial cart, an idea I have been playing with.


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About Rusty Crawfish 

A Special Thanks to: The Backwoodsman Magazine!
You did a fantastic article on my crawfish traps!

Sportsman Are more than Welcome Here, This Is Your Time!

**NOTICE** Currently Out of Stock: Grand Daddy Traps, Grapples. Grand Daddy traps will be back on the menu in the near future. The trap was developed to catch Red Claw Crawfish that range in the 1.5 to 2 pound size. Signal Crawfish can and do reach this size as well. There is no other trap that can catch and hold crawfish this big! 

Commercial Trappers: Congrats to a great crawfish harvest FOR 2018!
Record year for the West Coast!

2019 has the look of a early start in most areas and again record high prices. I have been contracted by many crawfish buyers seeking crawfish in huge amounts. Commercial crawfish trappers who are not already contracted out are hard to find. The new wave of marketing for live or cooked crawfish is by website. Something to consider for sure.

Now that the 2018 commercial season is over, you need to trap hard for 2019. Again this year I have never been contacted by as many buyers seeking crawfish as before. By the sounds of it, everybody had a record catch year BUT it isn't close enough to fill in the demand for 2018 buyers. I know I couldn't fill the demand for my traps either so who am I to talk, grin. The best thing to do is buy your traps off season and don't wait until season start to get ready to trap.  Sport Trappers should also do the same. Last summer only 1 in 20 got traps, remember these traps are not made in China where Quality goes out the door. There is a reason my traps out perform all others. Made in the USA for the USA! 

Commercial Orders are being accepted.

Sport trapper reports for 2018 have been amazing at the amount of crawfish caught per trap, per set. 
I was really surprised for 2018 and how well Sportsman are doing! Sportsman Plus Traps are the clear winner.

Did You Know?

Did you know that crawfish have a 95 percent survival rate?
Did you know that female crawfish hatch out 300 + eggs every year? 
Did you know that crawfish migrate overland in search of less crowded waters and this is how they spread?
Did you know that the USA crawfish harvest is over double that of crab, lobster, and shrimp combined?
Did you know it is impossible to trap out a given area of crawfish?
Did you know that the Federal Government has trapping programs trying to control expanding crawfish populations?
Did you know that crawfish eat huge amounts of Game Fish eggs and catch fry up to 6 inches? 
Did you know that now some States are encouraging Commercial and Sport trapping of crawfish?
Did you know that crawfish do not contain Heavy Metals, such as mercury, zinc, etc. as do other fish?
Did you know that eating crawfish is better for your health then eating Alaska salmon?
Did you know that some doctors recommend eating crawfish?
Did you know that crawfish live in nearly every body of fresh water in the USA?
Did you know that some species of crawfish in the USA can weigh a pound more?
Did you know that Crawfish Feeds are now becoming a very popular Social Event in the USA? 
Did you know that some people make it a business putting on Crawfish Feeds from city to city?
Did you know that there is a huge shortage of people selling crawfish commercially? 13 only in Wa. state according to WDFW.
Did you know that there is a huge demand from people in the USA who want to buy crawfish?
Did you know that it is very simple and not expensive to trap crawfish? A little gas is about it.
Did you know that you do not need a boat to trap crawfish?
Did you know that in most States you do not need a license to trap crawfish for Sport?
Did you know that crawfish are super sensitive to electrical fields, as much so as honey bees, actually more so.?
Did you know that honey bees are drawn to flowers with pollen because of the electrical field the flower generates?
Did you know that crawfish are drawn to a crawfish trap that generates the correct electrical field?
Did you know that plastic traps do not generate an electrical field?
Did you know that all vinyl traps have a mixed and often to hot electrical field which scares crawfish away?
Did you know that vinyl and plastic traps are illegal in most States and can carry a $1000 fine plus jail time?

Let me know if your interested in more 'Did You Know' facts. I have several decades of them!

Everyone: There is an extreme  crawfish shortage, turn those extra crawfish into CASH locally! (update, there is more of a shortage then before!) With the 2018 shortage in the commercial crawfish harvest created by huge demand. Turn your catch into money!! Local markets are everywhere in your city.

*I am the only Commercial Crawfish Trapper online who sells real commercial crawfish traps! No imported net coiled traps or plastic traps are sold here! Those are sold by hobby trappers who are just interested in your money.
*All 4 trap styles are commercial built, used by commercial crawfish trappers and serious crawfish Sportsman!
   They are commercial strong and built for commercial catches in the most rugged of all areas.

*I refuse to take shortcuts in building crawfish traps because of time and $$ spent!!
*All crawfish trap building supplies are 100% made in the USA!

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Few States even require a fishing license to sport trap crawfish!!! The reason for that is crawfish have a 95 percent survival rate, even with commercial trapping taking place.


Trapping Hint: Always test the waters close to your home first. The glory hole can be right down the road! Some of the best crawfish trapping is inside the city limits and it is perfectly legal to trap there! I have read some amazing stories this year from buyers who have trapped unreal amounts of crawfish even in little creeks right next to their house. Anywhere there is water is a potential glory hole!
REPEAT: Always test the waters close to your home first. Crawfish are everywhere, some people believe you need to travel a great distance to set their traps in known crawfish lakes. That is just not true. Crawfish have continued to spread for decades to new areas either by migrating or transplanting and the mudbugs are now everywhere and their populations are growing at a rapid pace. This fact is still amazes me! I scouted the area I now live in for crawfish 25 years ago and turned up nothing. Now a crawfish trap is catching 100-150 crawfish in a single overnight soak. To top it off I have over 200 small lakes and ponds right close to where I live. I have received reports of crawfish so big that it is a real puzzle how they got in the trap. all in my backyard! It would have been impossible to miss these crawfish 25 years ago but since then they got there somehow. So, check your backyards, grin! 

Don't confuse Crawfish Traps with minnow traps! 
Don't confuse plastic traps with Commercial Traps!
plastic traps & minnow traps are toys for Crawfish!
Vinyl traps are illegal in most States because of lead content!

So, you want to catch Crawfish, right?

Catching crawfish is very easy! Almost any crawfish trap or pot will catch crawfish but, the big question is How Many crawfish will you catch and How FastCrayfish Traps, My friend Ron during mid April, two weeks into the season. will the crawfish trap or pot catch them. ALSO, a HUGE factor in Crawfish Trap: Escape Proof Crawfish Trap catching crawfish is the Escape Factor. Once a crawfish eats their fill of your bait they immediately try and find their way out of the trap and find a good place to hide. Crawfish have many Predators and there is no question that it is extremely difficult to lure a crawfish out of hiding and into your crawfish trap. After you have captured a hungry crawfish it is well known that it is extremely difficult to prevent their escape. Once a crawfish is in a trap they are totally exposed, 'or so seems to them', to any predator in the vicinity.

My trap design has successfully eliminated all of the above problems in catching a lot of crawfish fast plus 27 other factors to catch crawfish that ICrawfish Trap : Start of the Season Crawfish Trap Full of Crawfish classify as Trade Secrets. I personally and my crew have caught over 4 million pounds of wild crawfish from 1971 to 1984. My love for research and development with hands on experience made it possible.

Check out the rest of my site and then place your order. Find out what it is like to 'Really Catch Crawfish'!  Remember, supplies are always limited. All crawfish traps are 'Hand Crafted' using only specialty tools. It is impossible to mass produce this design and still have the crawfish traps fish/trap correctly. I've spent 1000s trying to mass produce these crawfish traps and have concluded that it just can't be done. To many factors come into play that make these crawfish traps catch crawfish the way they do.

Products are being completed and getting ready to ship.  Feel free to E-mail me at any time with any question you might have.

Terry Bullard

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New - Have a great catch? Send pics & I'll post them!
(click pictures to enlarge)

Crawfish Trap - Thumb1  Crawfish Trap - Thumb2

Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Trap Thumb2 Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Trap Thumb4 Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Trap Thumb5 Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Trap Thumb6 Crayfish Traps - Crawfish Traps Thumb7 Crayfish Traps - Crawfish Traps Thumb8

JimRoss1.jpg (424831 bytes)

JimRoss2.jpg (246938 bytes)

I've been selling a lot of traps to Nevada lately, now I know why! The entire West Coast is over flowing with crawfish as is the Mid-West states. Eastern states are almost the same. Twenty pounds of crawfish per trap is very common.

Picture from: Roberto Jannetti
Last load of crawdads, one night set about 20 lbs worth!!!!

Crawfish Trap Nevada.jpg (126465 bytes)
Commercial Crawfish Trap

Hi Terry,
Please see the attached photo from last weekend's camping trip in the Sacramento Delta
We caught 12 pounds using two of your Sportsman Pro-18 with your bait boxes for only two days!
I have used many different traps, yours are the best !!
Thank you for an excellent design!
Dave and Sheri Barnes

Crawfish Traps - Crayfish Traps - Sportsman Pro Crawfish Trap

 I took your advice and had great luck.  Caught 18lbs in one 8 hour set.  I have enclosed some pictures for you to see. 
 Thanks for all the fun,
 Jeff - AZ
Hi Terry,
I chucked the "commercial" trap I purchased from you into the Pit river here in northern CA on my fishing trip a couple weeks ago.  the next morning I pulled it out of the water and counted out 88 crawdads!!  that trap works very well.   I used a fresh salmon head as bait. Cooking them up was fun and they tasted good, better than the Louisiana crawdads I ate at the Isleton crawdad festival near Sacramento.

Steve - N. California

Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Trap Thumb9

Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Trap Thumb10 Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Trap Thumb11 Crayfish Traps - Crawfish Traps Thumb12

Hi Terry,
  Here a couple more photos that you are welcome to use or pick and choose from.

Best Regards,
Steve - Western Washington State

19 pound catch


My kids love to catch and eat crawdads! I could not believe how many crawdads we caught our first time out. We caught 3 5-gallon buckets of crawdads with 3 traps in one day. Is that many legal to catch?

Jim - WA

Crayfish Traps - Crawfish Traps Thumb13


Here are some photos of our typical catch on Strawberry reservoir in central Utah. I promised you some time ago to send some. We think we get some pretty big ones here, but I don't have much to compare them to. Our largest has measured 7 1/4 inches long. The piece of paper is 8 inches long. My catch is in the two buckets to the right in the photo using two Commercials and two of the smaller Sportsman Pro. Our biggest catch for two days is 980.  Thanks, 

Dave Leikis 
Mendon, Utah

Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Trap Thumb14Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Trap Thumb15Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Trap Thumb16

Dear Terry,
I am 16 years of age and I have been crayfishing since I've been about 9. I started with a Wal-Mart bought trap that didn't work that well. Then I started doing some lobstering in Maine and I noticed that using shrimp mesh netting for the kitchen heads in the lobster traps worked well. So I started using it in my traps. I began making them all square, and I do to this day. They worked pretty good on 3 night sets. So a few days after Christmas this year I had my dad buy me one of your commercial models off of ebay. And let me tell you, I caught more crayfish in a one night set then I ever did in a three night set. I was proud to show off my 4 pounds of crayfish that I caught in your trap. I hope you continue making these traps and continue selling them because I am looking forward to buying many more from you in the future.
Joe Archambault  -- Connecticut

Here is the results of our first time out shown here with my wife. Used a little bag of frozen shad for bait, built a little box out of hailscreen for the bait. They were completely gone in 8 hrs. Going to try and cook them tomorrow. I've been purging them 24 hrs. in well water. They are really feisty. Your trap works, period.

Bob Strickland, central Texas.

Crayfish Traps - Crawfish Traps Thumb17

Hello Terry,

I'm sending you a couple of pictures of our very first fresh water lobster catch with your traps. They work great! Yes, even here in Colorado with 12,000 foot peaks in the background these tasty guys are just in our back yard. This is the result of the traps being out for only 24 hours. Plenty of these guys for tomorrow nights feast!

I hope that you enjoy the pictures. We plan to trap until frost, and freeze the extra tails for winter feasting with beer and wine.

Best Regards,
Ron and Deb Striegel

Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Trap Thumb18pict0045-1.jpg (282281 bytes)


Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Trap Thumb20Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Trap Thumb21Crayfish Traps - Crawfish Traps Thumb23


I thought you may want this picture for your web-site. My son caught 24 crawdads (all keepers). This was the first time using your trap in a high mountain lake – awesome. This was about a 6 hour soak with trout head and gills for bait.

Lynn Fletcher

University of Colorado

Cameron From Missouri

Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Trap Thumb24Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Trap Thumb25Crayfish Traps - Crawfish Traps Thumb27Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Trap Thumb28

Cameron caught these in one day with a single Sportsman Pro Trap.

Another young fellow from Northern California reported that he caught 116 pounds of crayfish in 8 hours using a single Sportsman Pro in the same exact spot located in a small creek only 16 inches deep. I've done the same in less time but I was using the Commercial Trap during prime time but, this was in Lake Billy Chinook, the lake pictured on this web site. For first timers these two did pretty darn good!


Crayfish Trap - Crawfish Traps Perry1.jpg (77312 bytes)Crawfish Trap - Crayfish Trap - Perry2.jpg (84837 bytes)

Hello again Terry,
Perry here from the cheesehead state. I need a quote on a few more traps to meet my demand for both boils and bait, lol.  These traps are just awesome.  I never thought that it could be so fun to go out and see what's lurking out there in the lakes and rivers, but it's truly relaxing.  Plus, I've had multiple people get hooked on eating crawdads.  Since Wi has a HUGE amount of Rusty (Invasive) crayfish, I'm not only doing a great deed by taking them out of the lakes: I'm getting a tasty meal as well.  Here are a few pics from our last outing.  10ft of water off of a rock shoal.  This is off of a 10 hr soak, and they filled half of a 50 gallon cooler.  I wholeheartedly agree that the fresher the bait, the bigger the catch, as these pics show.  I've caught some of the largest Crayfish that I've ever seen with your traps.  A+
 I'd like a quote on three more Sportsman Plus traps, as well as 2 more large bait boxes. 

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