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What is a Grand Daddy Trap?


    The Grand Daddy trap is a trap style that I've had since about 1980. It's purpose is to catch all crawfish of any size, especially the very big crawfish! It still allows crawfish 1.25 inches and smaller to escape through the mesh size as do the other trap styles unless a wrap is used. Wraps capture all crawfish from fresh hatched to full adult size crawfish,

 One of the main reasons I have not put this trap up for sale yet is because a few States foolishly classify this trap of illegal opening size. Foolishly? Yes, that is the correct word!
If you have been following my Rusty Crawfish page you would notice many State links to their view of Rusty Crawfish. Oddly enough all these State viewpoints are basically the same, almost like one copied the other and so on! Plus it is all OLD INFORMATION! The only State I classified as good was Washington State. Now, these states are in trouble because of invasive crawfish populations and don't have a clue what to do about it! It would help if they had a little knowledge about crawfish but, I sure didn't see it anywhere. All references to size and age for crawfish were totally incorrect. The WA. page was quite good on early age crawfish but didn't commit themselves very much to lifespan and larger size crawfish. According to the different links, Rustys grow to 5 inches in length and only live to 3 or 4 years. As many people who have caught Rustys twice that size know this to be untrue! Many people have caught Pacifastacus leniusculus crawfish, (Signal crawfish), that are 8 to 10 inches in length. I have personally caught Signal crawfish well over 14 inches in length and I know for a fact these crawfish are over 25 years old! Thank you Grand Daddy Trap!       
At the bottom of page I am including a link to my Rusty Crawfish page if you haven't read it yet. It is also still under construction as I type this.

 I designed the Grand Daddy to catch the huge Super Breeder crawfish, the ones which are to big to go into standard traps. Catching crawfish which are the size of a #2 or #3 lobster is definite rush and that is not counting the large amount meat each crawfish contains. The trap also will catch and hold, yes they are escape proof, small to average size crawfish as well. Also, the trap can be fitted with a 'wrap around' to catch newly hatched to large crawfish just like the other styles of crawfish traps I have.
 There are several agencies now in the USA who are trying to control Rusty populations and failing. The wrapped Grand Daddy is the only trap that can eradicate a crawfish species from an enclosed water body.

 Currently, almost every State in the nation have confirmed populations of Rusty crawfish plus other species of invasive crawfish and they are spreading at alarming rates. If it is possible, States need to get off their collective butts and do something about it! In the very near future, our lifetimes, we will see lifeless waters void of fish and plant life. Serious Action must be taken now! States with regulated crawfish rules MUST revise their Sportsman rules for invasive crawfish species concerning trap funnel size, increase number of traps allowed per person, unlimited daily catch limits, allow ground lines, allow year round trapping for Sportsman only. A few other smaller regulations would be a benefit as well. Invasive species of crawfish are easy to catch, great to eat but, there is no excuse for the different governments to sit on their butts, some may examine OLD SHORT TERM STUDIES, and do little to nothing concerning the well being of OUR freshwater system! It is well past time to do something about it! Just Sportsman alone can curd the tide of invasive crawfish across the USA provided that there is support from the state they live in!
I just run across an interesting insert from a Colorado State web page..

Help Stop the Spread of Rusty Crayfish

Environmentally sound ways to eradicate or control introduced populations of rusty crayfish have not been developed. Some chemicals selectively kill crayfish, but none are currently registered for crayfish control or are able to remove rusty crayfish without also killing native crayfish species. Intensive harvest may help reduce adult populations and minimize some impacts. The harvest of rusty crayfish for food may provide the only beneficial use for this exotic. The best way to prevent further ecological problems is to prevent or slow their spread into new waters.

-------------- Well, with the Grand Daddy trap, there is a way to slow or eradicate Rusty Crawfish. --------------

 Sportsman as a whole have a HUGE voice in our nation's well being regarding our fishing rights and fantastic bodies of freshwater resources. It is time to make a stand people! Call, write, email, or send your State's DNR or F&G agencies to this web site, JUST MAKE YOURSELF STAND UP AND BE HEARD! 

 How Fast can crawfish populate?
FASTER THAN FAST! Some have said that native crawfish have a 90% to 95% survival rate. It sounds high but I believe it. Using Lake Billy Chinook in Oregon as an example,
 http://www.oregonstateparks.org/images/pdf/lake_billy_chinook.pdf The lake came into existence in 1964. The lake has over 70 miles of shoreline and covers 4000 acres. I first began trapping the lake in 1971. During the summer harvest my traps came in chuck full. 20 plus total pounds of crawfish per trap and the lake was only 7 years old! The huge haul my traps were catching happened day after day and the traps stayed in the same spot for the entire season. All to well I remember thinking the crawfish had to be 3 feet deep on the bottom. Now that is populating faster then fast which is slower then what Rusty and other crawfish can do!

Trap Size = 24" x 12" x 12"

About Rusty Crawfish
Most States have special Regulations for Rusty Crawfish


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