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Updated on 11-03-2018
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Cost Definitions:
FOB Mill = Cost of goods only, with shipping cost & box not included. 
Shipping = Cost of Carrier base rate, Carrier fuel, rural, and extended rural surcharges may apply. 
Box Cost = Cost of shipping box only. 
Packaging = $2.00 UPS Packing fee.
Shipping Carrier = We reserve the right to determine the best carrier for your location.


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In my opinion PayPal should be the only method of payment for online transactions. There is no other form of payment that is safer online or offline. This still applies in 2018!

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Product Information Onsite Links::
Commercial Crayfish Trap  Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic1Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic1Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic1Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic1Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic1 (Absolute Killer in Lakes with large crayfish populations!)
Sportsman Plus Crayfish Trap
Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic2Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic3Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic1Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic5Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic5Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic5Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic5Most Popular by 10 to 1
Sportsman Pro-18 Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic4 Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic5Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic5Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic5Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic5Crayfish Trap Shopping Cart Pic5Limited Wire Supply.
(The Sportsman Pro is the trap I use when I make a set from shore, either river or lake. Easier to throw out then the other 2 trap styles.) 
Bait Box -  Sportsman Plus & Sportsman Pro - A MUST HAVE (seriously)
Bait Box - Commercial Version - A MUST HAVE (seriously)
Crayfish Rope Grappler - The Best Ways To Stop Crayfish Trap Theft (out of stock)
Live Crayfish Holding Bin - Commercial Version - 2904 cu. in. (by order)
Crayfish Rope #1  
Crayfish Rope #2 w/ Buoy
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All Orders are shipped 1 - 30 work days after payment has been made.

Crawfish Traps & Accessories 

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If these few items are ignored or forgotten, please redo the Quote Please understand the we ship with the best carrier because of trap size & weight in different locations, box sizes are large, other carriers can be twice the cost. 

About a Quote Request

Traps are only shipped, no local pick up.

As a precaution: Please include your Phone Number in the comment field or send it to me in a private email when you make a purchase. 

For Now - The shopping cart is OFFLINE!. I'm accepting Quotes only at this time. 

Finally after over a year the large Commercial Trap is available!

Special on all orders to help out on shipping. Packaging and Box Cost is FREE!! Good for a while.

Trap price will be increasing soon.


Current Products For Sale




1 - Large Commercial Crayfish Trap  24"
Does not include bait box

FOB Mill

1 Commercial Trap

In Stock



1 - Sportsman Plus Crayfish Trap  24"
Includes Bait Box 

FOB Mill

1 Plus Trap

In Stock



1 - Sportsman Pro Crayfish Trap  18"
Includes Bait Box 

FOB Mill

1 Pro Trap

In Stock



1 - Low Profile Buoy

FOB Mill

In Stock



1 - Extra Sportsman Trap Bait Box

FOB Mill

In Stock



1 - Commercial Bait Box

FOB Mill

In Stock



Crawfish Rope No. 1

FOB Mill

In Stock



Crawfish Rope No. 2

FOB Mill

In Stock



Crawfish Grapple

Coming Soon


In Summary: The price of traps have Not gone up in this shopping cart or Quote since 2014. My goal is to keep the total trap price as low as possible and be fair to everybody. reduce the wait time in receiving traps this way as well.  

Thank You for your interest in inquiring about my crayfish traps. You will indeed find out they truly are the best in the World at any cost. I've had literally thousands of emails across the nation confirming this statement. Ask around to find out about my traps, it won't take you long to find out no matter where you live in the USA!

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